What is Physical Wellbeing?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Health and wellbeing are the most valuable assets we have, for from them grows all else writes Niall Ronan.

In our busy lives, we may often find it hard to keep up a ritualistic fitness routine and stay active, leaving it on the back burner as we see other parts of our lives that we consider a higher priority.  Abandoning our exercise schedule may work for a while if we are youthful and of good genetic background. However, for most of us, regardless of age, at some point it manages to catch up to us, sometimes with simple problems like a more significant than the desired belly or bingo wings, for others, it rears its head as illness or disease.

Some may wonder what can be done to be active and motivate one’s self to gain better fitness in a limited amount of time of their busy days while connecting them to those around them in a mutual way.

A Class All Of It's Own

Exercise, like many other activities, can be enjoyed at a variety of levels through the group effect of doing exercises with others.  One such arena would be the traditional fitness class. Inexpensive but well worth the effort, a fitness class can offer friends / work colleagues the ability to spend some much-needed time together while providing them the benefit of good health.  Instead of eating a donut at the coffee shop, perhaps taking a short fitness class together would be time better spent.

For those who are looking to making new friends with like-minded individuals while being active, the fitness class is the place to go.  From all walks of life, you can find individuals dedicated to maintaining, preserving, and increasing their overall bodily health.

The Individual Stands Alone

For those lone wolves who wish to power up their workouts without the stress of useless conversations and anything that would take time away from their already stressful and busy day then individual training might be just the ticket.

One to one training with a professional who will know the ins and outs of you, from physical abilities to health issues and eating habits they will help you hit the mark on your fitness goals.  If you lose motivation or have troubles, they are right there beside you, keeping you pumped up and fully charged to get it done, keeping yourself active. If your day is so full that you find it hard to fit in exercise, they can tailor a workout that accomplishes what you want to be done with a minimum amount of stress. They work with you every step of the way to get it done. Walking the Walk, and the Great Outdoors

If you like nature and being outdoors and maybe find the whole organized fitness deal, not to your liking, then perhaps setting up walking or running routine will help you reach your fitness goals.

Whether you wish to walk alone and reconnect with yourself as well as nature outdoors while exercising or love a party and ask a bunch of your friends to join in so you can all motivate each other to get fit, it doesn’t matter.  What is the most important here is the health and well being of your body, physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Fitness is important on many levels and doesn’t just benefit the physical body; performing it outdoors has enormous benefits.  By dedicating yourself to your health, your exercise relieves stress from those busy and crazy days; it can help your mind clear problems as you work out.  By focusing on your self is the spark that is needed to help solve exterior problems clearing our mental life of all the clutter.  

Emotionally it can be an outlet for all those negative emotions.  These unwanted emotions of the day can be channeled into your physical fitness to remove them positively from your body as well as create more considerable energy to get it done, all while being outdoors. When we get physically fit, clear our mind of clutter and our hearts of negative emotions, it allows us to be a better person, which helps you individually long term and your relationship with your family and friends.  Little problems are swept away; smiles come more easily to those who need cheering up, the benefits are endless.

Fueling the Fire

One such area of our lives other than equally important fitness is our nutrition.  Sure, we all love a pizza or a pastry now and again, but these types of indulgences are best kept to a minimum.

Eat 80% good, 20% bad - that is my take on it. What does that mean? We need to eat healthy 80% of the time alongside some exercise but we also need to enjoy life and treat ourselves from time to time, so that’s where your 20% bad comes in. My cheat day would be a Saturday or a Sunday where my hard work is done and I may not eat badly all day but I will have a bar or bars of chocolate and my favorite Indian take-away that will keep me happy.

Taking into consideration your overall health, you will want to remember that whole foods are always best.  Processed and packaged items may be convenient in a time sensitive day, and are okay occasionally, for the most part, keep it as close to natural as possible. Foods keep your body healthy in many ways but have the benefit of helping mentally according to Mental Health America

Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, cut out dairy, and minimum amounts of quality fats are the best eating routines to maintain.  Clean, pure, close to nature, and straightforward. Five meals a day – Breakfast – Snack - Lunch – Snack - Dinner and 8 glasses of water, this should be your daily routine.

By eating a clean diet, you are fueling your body up to maintain overall health, tackle daily stresses. It enriches your brain function which can be beneficial to your career as well as provide you with more powerful energy to get it all done.  These potential benefits are just a small sample of what your body can do when you fuel it with the proper nutrition.

Working Together

It can be stressed enough when we work together as a team, be it friends, co-workers, or family we have the benefit of exterior motivation that comes positively.  Thus promoting better work environments and morals amongst employees, not to mention the potential for better or more meaningful friendships through a common goal, getting fit and staying healthy.

While some may think it strange to workout or discuss nutrition together, it can also be a way to expand our horizons, opening our minds to the potential of others and what they can offer to our lives briefly or for the long haul.

Whatever your physical health, fitness, and nutrition goals are, they can be reached.  Committing to them in a familiar way that works together with others ensures that everyone has all the help they need to stay motivated and reach their peak potential.  Your best positive potential is more naturally achieved through the help of others.

At times it can be hard to keep going with these rituals alone, the excitement and fun of accomplishing these goals together, not to mention the beauty of knowing others want to see you reach your goals and are assisting you in doing so can have a very positive effect on all our lives.

Nutrition and fitness goals are just that, something we strive for every day.  What better way to do so, then by having others to work with you?

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