What is Workplace Wellness?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We have all heard the term 'workplace wellness' floating around in business articles across the web, but what is it, and what does it mean?

Today we cover some aspects that revolve around the term of wellness in the workplace. Maintaining healthy levels of workplace wellness helps boost productivity levels and leads to a happier team all around - but why? We at Titan Wellness wanted to take a closer look and find out how and why keeping your employees healthy is of benefit to employers everywhere!

We pride ourselves on crafting tailor-made workplace wellness solutions ideal for each and every business. Our custom-made bespoke wellness packages include a range of ideas, training programs, wellness hubs, and helpful information that can get you off to a great start; and all from a wellness specialist.

Promoting Mental and Physical Health

An excellent way to make positive changes for your employees and create a health and wellness culture in your workplace, is to start promoting the mental and physical health of your employees.

To do this, you can use a few motivational posters in the canteen – but you have better progress when you pay attention to the details. A well-designed, spacious, and inspirational workplace can be created by something so simple as streamlining your space and adding a few extra new windows - you don't need to break the bank to work smarter.

You can, of course, consider hiring a dedicated team of professionals such as Titan Wellness to create a wellness program that works for your company. However, there are other ways to care for the health and well-being of your employees including; allowing for many levels of leadership which enable the employees to 'climb the ladder' and encourage small steps of improvement wherever and whenever they have been taken.

Another great idea is to have staff meetings on a regular basis regularly - you'd be surprised how much more productive the workplace can be when everyone is on the same page! You can view this article from the Balance Small Business for more inspiration, or contact Titan Wellness and book a consultation with a member of our team today.

Employers Creating a Culture to Benefit Their Employees

The key answer to defining what workplace wellness is - is the growing culture wherein employers are creating a healthy, positive culture lifestyle to benefit their employees. This focus on health and wellness in the workplace is not an entirely new concept, but it is coming more and more into focus in the modern world.

With so many stress factors, busy lifestyles and no time to eat a healthy meal three times a day the population is struggling,... and since we spend so much time at work, our employers need to start taking health and well-being seriously, before we get sick and our production slows to none.

There are lots of reasons why a wellness culture is important essential in the workplace, not least including the longevity of employees and likelihood to return for second additional contracts. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, there are four main reasons why employers need to start creating a culture that benefits their employees:

Problems with health involving fitness levels, obesity, stress, tiredness, or lack of sleep can be lessened, leading to more bang for an employers buck.

Healthy employees have about 40% less fewer absences across the board.

Healthier employees cost employers less in health care costs.

A good health and wellness culture in the workplace allows you not only to keep your best workers, but also to make your place of business a competitive hiring force in the job market.

Diversity and Inclusion

No workplace is truly happy and fully productive if diversity and inclusion are not considered. Cultural diversity in the workplace isn't just necessary to follow the rules of your state, it also allows for a maximum capacity of workload that your business can take.

For example, if your office is in Dublin and your biggest customer is Japanese, you'd better hire someone who can speak Japanese or you may lose the client. This example is a very basic fundamental example, but it helps you get the message.

Diversity covers many other areas and not just cultural. Age, gender, social backgrounds, race, religion, sexual orientation, and countless many other aspects divide us as human beings, and they also cause dissent in divide your workplace.

Ensuring proper inclusion for each and every employee is a must for those who want to retain their good employees and lessen their employee turnover. You can have a glance over this article by Forbes for more on why workplace diversity is just so important.

Team spirit plays a huge part in maintaining an excellent workplace wellness regime. Without feeling that your team is all working to the same end, the affected employees will disengage and become less productive, and more likely to leave. Team spirit makes a big significant contribution towards employee wellness, so look after your team spirit, and it will look after you!

Time and again we see an increase in team building skills when taking your employees out on training exercises or to corporate events where they are encouraged to let their hair down a little.

Call us today or download our brochure to get started. Workplace wellness is only one click away.

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